Masteron Steroid

Price and availability

It is just necessary to know, where to look for. And it is necessary to look for not in traditional places of sale of what now it is accepted to call vitamins, and in the firms trading in various agricultural chemistry - fertilizers, herbicides, etc. The cost of kilogram of DNP is a little higher than hundred US dollars, but this kilogram personally will be enough for you on for the rest of the life, and that also will remain to grandsons.

Side effects
Metformin is a zhiroszhigatel behind number 2

Metformin was created masteron steroid relatively recently, in any case, on the market of the USA it arrived only in 1994. Even less time is contained by practice of application of a preparation in sport - in the same USA it began to enjoy popularity at bodybuilders some 3-4 years ago. Metformin it is possible to consider as oral insulin. 
It is applied to treatment of patients with insulinnezavisimy diabetes (diabetes like II) and is rather successful though on action force, naturally, considerably concedes actually to insulin. For quite some time now metformin began to combine with insulin reception, it turned out that it helps to avoid an excessive congestion of subcutaneous fat at daily insulin injections.
Metformin promotes delay of absorption of glucose in a digestive tract, slows down synthesis of glucose in a liver - irreplaceable properties for people with the increased tolerance to glucose. The preparation also strengthens anaerobic glycolysis in peripheral fabrics. Metformin reduces secretion of endogenous insulin, but the most important - it increases concentration of free fatty acids and glycerin in blood plasma, that is - strengthens lipoliz (combustion of fat).


Until recently metformin it was possible to consider as very effective preparation which fat-burning properties conceded only to that DNP and were comparable to some extent with a force of impact on subcutaneous fat of hormone of growth applied without IFR-1. Now the preparation had strong contenders about whom speech will go in the final section of this article.
And still metformin remains very attractive preparation, especially, strangely enough, during work on weight. The preparation allows not to limit itself in food without risk to catch not so necessary additional kilograms of fat under skin. During drying it should be applied with care - already weakened organism can react to sharp decrease in synthesis of a glycogen not really well. Invaluable feature of a preparation is that it not only does not touch a muscle, but also protects them from destruction.
Very good effect barks application of a metformin together with insulin - it not only increases sensitivity of insulin receptors, but also almost completely suppresses tendency of masteron steroid insulin to accumulation of fatty deposits, directing all its energy to construction of muscles.
Side effects
The part accepting metformin has a diarrhea. You will not call this illness deadly, but nevertheless it is adequately unpleasant. A diarrhea attack - the first signal that it is worth lowering a dosage of a preparation a little though at a daily dosage in 1375-1500 mg diarrhea, as a rule, is not observed. Sometimes at reception of a metformin there is nausea, and often very badly transferable (especially expressed this side effect is at women). Injections of androgens and anabolic steroids help (besides the traditional means suppressing nausea, like peppermint tincture), strangely enough, (women need to carry out them with extreme care).
Much worse another - metformin significantly suppresses secretion by an insulin pancreas that in case of its prolonged use can lead also to irreversible consequences. However, in order that consequences were really irreversible, application of a metformin has to be very much long.
Metformin blocks glucose from receipt in cages therefore at high doses of a preparation increase of level of sugar in blood can be observed, and at long reception of high doses - a hyperglycemia which can cause a hyper glycemic coma and - death. Therefore during reception of a metformin it is regularly worth checking sugar level in blood - the benefit it not so difficult. At rather high level of sugar in blood reception of a metformin should be interrupted for 1-2 days and to make several injections of insulin these days.

Approximately for the tenth day of reception of the metformin applied solo it is observed essential lowerings of the level of a glycogen in muscles and a liver. Result - slackness, masteron steroid drowsiness, the general weakness. Application of the flavored AAS - testosterone or a metandrostenolon can give essential help here. Injections (one-two) of same insulin will help with especially hard cases.